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DAI provides integrated venue management services and cost-effective turnkey solutions for the events multi-purpose venues, auditoriums and amphitheatres. Turnkey solutions include: front of house and back of house management,  Box office and ticketing, shows programming and scheduling, talent booking, operating procedures, event production, audio-visual,  financial planning and budgeting, health and safety, risk management, marketing, sales, and business development support.



DAI manages now Al-Majaz Amphitheatre at Al-Majaz Island in Sharjah. This open-air 7,238 square meters theatre accommodates up to 4,500 spectators, and works as Sharjah's  strategic platform to support art, culture and tourism in Sharjah, UAE and the region. It is one of the initiatives of Sharjah Media Centre and was the official venue to celebrate the crowning of Sharjah as the Islamic Cultural Capital of the Arab region in 2014.

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